Artificial intelligence technology that enables you to hunt efficiently for your target audience



RTB platform for managing online advertising. It is merged with our AI engine that has proven to dramatically save time and most importantly - your ad budget.

How does it work:

Simply integrate your campaign with Kairos' artificial intellect and start enjoying a statistically proven edge over your competition in reach, impression frequency and conversion rate.

Platforms that we work with:

  • Full functionality: Audience segmentation and analysis, creative implementation, on the fly AI bidding optimization. is the largest European social network and a top 20 Alexa site.

Why Kairos?

We named our AI algorithm after a cat - Kairos. Why cat, you may ask? This creature is very smart and experienced. It will never waste time hunting, if the success is not 100% guaranteed. Like any leaving organism, it constantly adapts and and possesses inherent self-learning abilities.

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Our Advantages:

  1. Flexibility:

    Create new ads and campaigns in our system, or integrate your already existing creatives that are currently up and running in any given platform. Start/stop multiple campaigns in seconds, using a vast database of creatives and pre-saved audience segments.

  2. Comprehensive info:

    Analyse your ongoing campaigns using our advanced real-time diagrams, evaluate the effectiveness using dozens of indicators, generate detailed reports with the ability to export them in various formats.

  3. Outstanding Performance:

    Choose the correct AI type depending on your goals: from "saver" to "conqueror". Kairos even has the "observer" mode for those customers who are interested in investigative aspect of an advertising campaign.

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    Analyse the size of your target audience and competition, automatic segment selection for testing different creatives and rotation priorities.

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    Create multiple ads with different targeting criteria all within the same campaign in just a few clicks.

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    View creatives thru the eyes of your "target" even without assigning them to the platform.

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    Assign different admin rights to several users under the same account.

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