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How does our algorithm differ from ANYTHING available on the market today

Radical New Idea

We are the fist advertising tech company in the world that has proposed and implemented a merger of technical analysis from the financial markets with ad optimization technology. The result – our AI is outperforming everything that was put up against it. To achieve this goal, we have recruited the best of the best: one of the top technical traders from the largest Eastern European Bank - Sberbank. To better illustrate the point consider this fact. In 2016 Sberbank has demonstrated the highest returns on capital in the world even outperforming such giants as Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan.

So What Is The Secret?

The very foundation of our technology is based on Fibonacci ratios and the application of advanced harmonic patterns to ad optimization. Fibonacci was a 12th century Italian mathematician who has popularized the Hindu–Arabic numeral system in the Western World and introduced Europe to the sequence of Fibonacci numbers. These numbers and ratios appear everywhere in nature, from the leaf arrangement in plants, DNA molecules, animal and fish body proportions, to even to galaxy arrangements in outer space. Here are some illustrations:

Human Hand:

DNA Molecule:

The DNA molecule, is based on the golden ratio. It measures 34 angstroms long by 21 angstroms wide for each full cycle of its double helix spiral. Both numbers are Fibonacci series and their ratio, 1.6190476 closely approximates phi, 1.618. Modern day researches continue publishing new discoveries of these occurrences in a scientific journal called “The Fibonacci Quarterly”.


Applying these principles to modern ad tech
Kairos’ genetic AI algorithm kicks in at the high probability reversal zones where a series of Fibonacci retracements and extensions come together in a tightly bound cluster. The idea comes from modern day financial markets. A combination of these specific ratios form, what is know as advanced harmonic patterns on a price chart. What our development team has done, is applied those patterns to CTR graphs, Conversion Rate graphs and other metrics.

Here is an illustration of what at first glance might seem like a random noise within a CTR trend:

Graph 1.
Upon closer examination you can see that an initial intervention by Kairos is running out of steam. CTR growth has slowed down and has entered a period of consolidation.

Graph 2.
Once Kairos’ AI fibs the completed pattern, you can see that 5 different important Fibonacci ratios are identified, 3 of which have formed a tight cluster at the D point.
1. Point B is a 38.2% Fib retracement of XA
2. Point C is a 61.8% Fib retracement of AB
3. Point D is
a) 61.8% Fib retracement of XA
b) 161.80% Fib extension of AB which also happens to be a Fibonacci golden ratio
c) 200% Fib inversion of BC

This specific formation is known as a Gartley pattern. There are over 60 different advanced harmonic patterns in a public domain and a select few ‘private’ that are only used by large financial institutions. Our developers have performed an extensive back-test of over 1 trillion actual ad server logs to find the most accurate patterns pertaining to real world advertising campaigns optimization. This data in conjunction with Karios’ highly adaptive genetic algorithm ensures that an ad spend achieves its maximum possible efficiency.

Inside a circled area on Graph 2 above, a very tight cluster of 3 different Fibonacci ratios has formed a potential reversal zone. At this point, if no new intervention is to occur, this click thru rate will start dropping with a very high degree of probability. Once the cluster is identified, Kairos starts performing a reevaluation of the campaign. Artificial Intellect with a built-in genetic algorithm takes over 50 different metrics into account, and makes all the necessary adjustments. Shortly thereafter, a new CTR uptrend follows until it again runs out of steam. Then the process keeps repeating until CTR reaches its absolute theoretical ceiling. The same processes are simultaneously taking place with conversion rate, bid placements and in over 20 other different optimization areas. These ideas have never been tried before – ZeMedia is the first and only advertising company in the world to implement and perfect this radically new technology.

  1. Genetic Algorithm:

    Throughout human history, the finest inventions of their time came to life by studying and then mimicking nature. As an example submarines were designed by studying the anatomy of deep water fish, airplane wings were designed by studying the structure of bird's wings etc. When our team wanted to create a self-learning and self-adopting ad optimization algorithm, it was only natural to borrow some basic principles from the science of genetics. Our intervention mechanism looks at the genetic population of different available optimization solutions. Then, upon evaluation, gives the highest 'reproduction' priority to the candidates with highest available fitness scores. Thus genes from 'good' individuals will produce bigger offspring than the ones that performed poorly. This process in turn, also guarantees an increased probability that two 'good' parents, will sometimes produce an offspring superior to both of them. The new generation, now has a much better available genetic pool of solutions, than the first - original generation. This process of self-learning and adapting keeps repeating itself until the best possible solution is found.

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